Friday, May 8, 2009

A Beautiful Couple

This frame was done for a friend of mine to put on the guest book table at his wedding. Congrats Adel and Haneen!

20 years in 2 photos

I thought this was just the sweetest gift Kourtney did for her mom. The top photo was taken 20 years ago and has been a favorite of the cousins. The next photo was taken at Nathan's wedding, this will defiantley be cherished for years to come. thanx Kourtney!!

Family Acrylic Album

This album was done for a friend of mine...actually my old babysitter. She wanted to feature a beach theme. I really enjoyed this book Lindsay, thanx for the opportunity and I also learned NEVER EVER put goo gone on acrylic...IT MELTS THE PAGE!!! oh and sorry that the pics are so terrible, I took a better set, just not sure where I hid them on here!

A baby gift of my new nephew-xoxo

Here's a little something I've been wanting to try for a bit now. I call it a SWATCH BOOK, you can add as many pages as you want and change it up by this great stamp set from 7 Gypsies. I kept it really simple and did 4 pages, to be updated at3, 6,9 , and12 months.

Forgot one!

Some layouts of my little guy

Some of my favorite pics of my little man, finally got a chance to scrap them!! whaddya think??

Sweet 16 Bday Gift

Ok, I know, I know its been a SUPER long time since I've sorry!! I've been getting hassled from a certain someone ( Aunty V) about breaking blogging rules...

Ok so here goes some oldies!!

This gorgeous girl is a friend of mine and her momma wanted her to have something special on her special day!!