Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beautiful Baby Boy

just another baby announcement... i love these and hopefully someone has a girl soon so I can make one because I've made countless BOY frames and 1 GIRL frame..I guess its a year for the boys!!

20 years in 2 photos

I made a frame with these 2 pictures back in April, the mother loved it so much she wanted another one for her sister on her birthday, shes love the color purple and here is the end result..

Schools Out!!!

I having been eyeing the ZUTTER BIND IT ALL machine for a awhile now...finally got it and I love it!! This is the project I initially had in mind when I saw the machine. I chose milestones of samia's first year of jk along with artwork, certificates, report cards, tests and a bunch more little things that made up her first year. The other parents loved it!! I've got a few orders already!! PLease contact me if you are interested, it doesn't have to be just school, it can be little memorabilia from the baby years, older grades, certificates, ect. The possibilities are endless!!
(click on the pictures and you can see the details)

I'm going to have samia write STUDENT OF THE MONTH on those lines in her handwriting.

The journals are a great gift idea also, the teachers just loved them!!

Adorable Baby Brag Books

I was talking to a friend the other night, in the middle of massive creative rut. Tight deadlines and the ideas aren't flowing... bad combo. Anyhoo, at midnight I pushed everthing aside and whipped up this baby girl accordian album. I just love it!! Then I just had to try a boy version...

Grade 8 Graduation Frames

The principal os LIS wanted something unique for the grauates this year...this is what I came up with! I love how they turned out, and I LOVE this quote!! Congrats to LIS grads!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Pretty Princess

Just a quick layout I did for Sam's room-I had a tough time getting inspired on a project I had been working on and decided to put it aside and do something for her. I love how this turned out :), btw, if you click on the image you can see the fine details

Framed London Knights Jersey for The Boys & Girls Club!!

Now is was an amazing opportunity!! I'm thankful to a long time friend of my father in law for this. Jim Nother, owner of NOTHERS is the president of the Norwest Optimistic Club of London. He had this jersey given to him and wasn't sure what to do with it. My father in law told him to pass it on to me and I would take care of it :).

He decided he wanted to frame it and donate it to The Boys and Girls Club of London. He told me it would be presented at a business dinner, my name would be on a plaque, and it would be on display at the club!! Well didn't I feel the pressure :) So, I ended up receiving the frame damaged...and thankfully I have a mother who's good at fixing EVERYTHING, I thought what would my mom do? I headed over to the fabric store, recovered the back, stained and restapled the frame and it came out good as new!! PHEW

The dinner was great, I was pretty nervous, being my first of this sort. My business cards weren't quite ready yet, so 1/2 hour before I'm about to leave I'm talking to my Aunty V, and she freaks that I don't have cards ready, so there i was making dinner, laptop at my side, cables everywhere and printing up cards. Thanks Amto :). Here are some pictures of that night, Jim, thanx again for the wonderful opportunity!!