Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Living The Dream-Nazem Kadri Canvas

LIVING THE DREAM-exactly what Nazem Kadri is doing. This family friend of ours is a talented hockey player and has worked so hard to be where he is. A couple weeks ago the Toronto Maple Leafs drafted him as a first-round draft choice to play on their team. I made this quick gift for him before he went off to Toronto. I've been wanting to try canvas scrapping for a awhile now...a lot trickier than I thought, a couple canvases and multiple photo reprints later this is the masterpeice :). My husband along with about 80 other family and friend members went along with him to the Montreal draft, so i used a bit of his ticket as a added touch. I absolutley love this clip off of you tube when he was chosen because they are such an amazing and supportive family and deserve everything.