Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Malooky

Just a little keepsake I made for my adorable nephew....xoxoxox

Lil' Boy Rubberband Book

Just a quick mini I whipped up while I was in a creative rut- these stickers suit omar too much and I have been hanging on too them forever!
(click to see journalling, I really wanted it to be white but my computer refused to cooperate)

Girly Mini Album

A Gift To Mom-Remembering Someone Special

A definate keepsake- this 4x4 "boxed" book was made for my mom after her father passed away. The photos were sent to me by my aunty V, who had told my that my mom wasn't letting go of these cherished photos-so I suprised her with this, she loved it and I'm glad that I know have the photos the hang on to. Thanx Viv for all your help and hard work!!

Beautiful Omar

I came across the lyrics to this song and I thought they were so meaningful, I just HAD to scrap them :)) I love this little guy of mine beyond words, the song is called "little guy, gord bamford"

Layered Mini Album

Baby Pre-made Mini Album :)

One of my fav's for sure!! Enjoy, hope they like it Amanda:)

12x12 Graduation Album

Needless to say...this was probably the biggest project I've done, my first full 12x12 album! The beautiful girl in the photos is my cousin Shay. Her mother wanted to give her something priceless as her graduation present. After going through hundreds of photos, literally, I condensed her years into her most memorable moments and milestones. Honestly, I put my whole heart into this project, it took months and countless hours, but I am so happy with the turnout!! Thank you Tammy for the opportunity :)
(you can click on the photo to see the journalling, sorry about the quality of photos and endless backgorunds, it was the best i can get between transferring this album between Ontario and Alberta and losing ALL the photos in my camera along the way!!)